About Leslie

I’m Leslie Boyd, wife, mom, former elected official, community leader, consultant, and friend to many.  Growing up in a small town in Virginia as an only child to a single mother,  I was taught a strong work ethic from a very young age.   She had a really “safe” federal job as long as I could remember.  I went away to college and I too, came home to a “safe” federal job.  Eventually I married a man who also has a “safe” federal career.  We have 3 children and have made North Carolina our home for the past 14 years.  

In 2011 I began volunteering in my girl’s schools and in my community while still working full time.  During that time, I realized that I needed to determine how to best integrate my home, work and volunteer goals in order to create balance, be happy and more productive.  I set goals with intention and purpose and visualized them. In the years following I joined many local boards, eventually holding leadership positions.  In 2014 I ran for political office, something I never even considered before.  Winning that seat and serving inspired me to help others too.  While I still immensely enjoy my federal career, I also have the pleasure of sharing my gift with others.  Inspiring, engaging and building up my community.  I realize that safe has its place, but so does following your passion in way that creates balance and sustainability.  Let me help you too!