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Want to ACTUALLY achieve your goals?

In this membership we work to achieve our big goals, by implementing small, actionable steps each day.  Which reduces overwhelm, stress, and the lack of accomplishment.  Together, we hold each other accountable through encouragement and community.

Setting and achieving our goals shouldn't be something we dread.

"Most people have two lives, the lives we live and the lives we are capable of living," - Steven Pressfield

What's Included?

Co-Working Sessions

Regular virtual "Get it Done" calls via zoom. We commit to working on focused tasks together for one power hour!  Just because you're in business by yourself, doesn't mean you are alone.


Monthly zoom coaching/accountability mastermind.  We dig into what's holding you back, where you are stuck, celebrate your wins, and commit to goals!


We all need a little extra push, encouragement and someone to keep us accountable.  We cheer each other on to stay focused!


Monthly training to improve your productivity.  Checklists to track your days, goal setting, and progress.

Is this you??

  • You've taken the 6/12/14 week boot camps with heavy instructor interaction, but now what?  Who is keeping you motivated, accountable and on track?
  • You have BIG goals, but don't know where to start?
  • You have little goals, but not sure they are important enough to focus on.  Why, yes they are!
  • Tired of going to bed each night with the SAME to do list that you started with, EVERY day?
  • Are you scared to achieve?  Analysis paralysis?  Procrastinator? Overwhelmed?

Join 3 Step CEO today!!

Join the membership and start to move forward each day, with actionable goals for you business AND your life.

3 Step Strategy

Achieve BIG goals, with SMALL steps

What our customers are saying:

"Being a part of 3 Step CEO is an excellent way to have Leslie even more accessible to you and to keep you heading toward your goals.  Weekly goal setting, check-ins, and video calls to gauge your progress all take productivity and accountability to the next level. I love having her in my "ear" so to speak, reminding me to keep taking those 3 small steps forward!"

HOLLY ISAACSON  //  Founder/Blogger, The Radiance Mindset

"Trying to build my direct sales business while also dealing with depression and anxiety can really be a challenge. Before Leslie I often would lose productivity for days in a row. With her 3-Step Strategy, and ongoing support and concrete suggestions, I have lost less days. Instead of focusing on the mountain there is to do, I simply choose the 3 next things and keep my eyes on those. Leslie has a passion for helping women go beyond simply making goals but actually achieving them."

ELESA LABANZ //  Owner, Greener LIving at Nomad Manor


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LESLIE BOYD  //  Productivity Coach

Hi there, I am a coach and creator of the 3 Step Strategy.  I empower and inspire women entrepreneurs to live out their full potential by aligning their goals with intention and purpose. Together, we take small, actionable steps to achieve our goals. As a wife and working mother, I had to create a structure that would allow me to be present for my family, while still working on both personal and professional goals. Seeing that I wasn’t alone prompted me to share that same strategy with others!

Leslie Boyd

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Our ultimate purpose is reflected in our life vision - Leslie Boyd




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