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Why Every Woman Entrepreneur needs an Accountability Partner

What is an accountability partner?  In layman’s term it is someone who holds someone accountable for the goals or commitments that they set for themselves and vice versa.  You share your monthly/weekly goals with your accountability partner and then check in on each other on a regular basis to see how it’s going.    Here… Read More Why Every Woman Entrepreneur needs an Accountability Partner


New Year, New Way!

Happy New Year!!  It is that time of year where everyone scrambles to set some resolutions, slap together a few goals, and vow to work out and lose weight.  Why?  Because those seem like what we should be doing.  Making those same goals each year isn’t scary and are in our comfort zone.  We don’t… Read More New Year, New Way!

Life Vision

Girls State…almost

Would Leslie Lomax please come to the guidance counselor’s office?  The words I heard spring of sophomore year while sitting in class.  I knew I wasn’t in trouble, but I was curious and oddly a bit excited.  There were 6 of us gathered there and we all tried to speculate the reason why.  The guidance… Read More Girls State…almost