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Have more time to achieve your goals, while managing life and work!

work-life balance

Work Life Balance for Women

🎉Welcome to the 3 Step Community - Work-Life Balance for Women🎉

A place where women who work from home or in business for themselves, come together to create community while working to balance home and work. Most of us wish we had more time in the day, but I teach you how to use the time that you do HAVE in a way that works for YOU.

This a POSITIVE and FUN environment created by Leslie Boyd, the creator of the "3 Step 👣 Strategy." We work on 3 steps a day to move us closer to our goals and achieve more!

Forget about what you've started and haven't finished, join us and start where you are! Together, we commit to working on 3 things every day to move us closer to our goals.r your text here...