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Do NOT Buy Anymore Courses…

You’ve bought ALL the courses, for all the things and still have them sitting in your inbox or on your computer?  You are struggling to build your learning strategy or decide where to start first?  Before you buy another course or stress out, walk through what you already have first!  I bet you have what you need to move you forward, if even just a little bit.  

Organize your courses:

Make a list of ALL the courses that you have.  Grab my free resource here to help you record them.  If you are like I used to be, you might not have all of them in a neat little place, yet!  The great news is there are a few ways to locate them.

  • First:  Go to the most common teaching platforms and check your log in.  Any courses you have will be sitting in the “my courses” section.  The ones I see used most are teachable, thinkific, podia and clickfunnels.
  • Second:  Check your emails and search keywords like “receipts, welcome to your course,  or login to your course.”  You will see all sorts of courses and challenges that you signed up for and have valuable course and content information.
  • Last:  Check your paypal and credit card statements for purchases.  You can cross check the name and dates in your email.  Trust me, it works.  Once you have them all located and determine what is what, then organize them in a way that you can get your hands on them easily.  It could be electronic folders on your computer, paper files or a combination of both.

What are the courses all about?

  • Determine exactly what the courses teach you or what resources they provide.  I have purchased some tool kits that have many different training’s or how-tos packaged together. 
  • You may have forgotten that you have something on how to set up a sales page, trip wire or some free social media image guides. 
  • Taking the time to write up what the course teaches or provides gives you a quick summary that you can glance at before adding another course to your arsenal. 

Where are you with all the courses?

  • Okay, so I am guilty of starting a course, getting an instant win and then forgetting to continue.  I log back in and I see that I’m 4% complete. 
  • Commit to blocking time each day, week or however you set up your schedule.  In my experience you short change yourself when you don’t go through the course in it’s entirely.  You don’t know what you’re missing and what you could gain, when you fail to complete the course. 
  • Often times, we will move onto the next shiny object, a new course, when you may have that information ALREADY in a course you’ve already purchased.

All of this can help you when you are developing your learning plan and figuring out what to do first.  I compare this to grocery shopping.  When my family is bored with the same old, I like to think of ideas to switch it up.  I will look at my favorite stores, check out what’s on sale and search recipes on pinterest using those items.  It saves money and makes my family happy.

I have challenges I’ve participated in and still have all of the worksheets and notes.  Even if the challenge is over doesn’t mean you can’t go through it again.  As you evolve and move forward, things change, light bulbs happen and you go deeper. 


I challenge you to complete this task before you purchase ANY MORE courses.  

What if you fulfilled your dreams?



What courses do you already have?


5 thoughts on “Do NOT Buy Anymore Courses…

  1. Yes!! I so needed this. I have bought a million course and are like 10% with most of them lol. Thank u so much for this 🙂

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