Time Management

How to perform a Time Management Audit

Do you wake up and are SO motivated to slay the day?  Got your list, coffee, and workout in and then the next thing you know, its time for bed?  And you’re wondering, what happened?  You can’t even remember what you had for lunch much less where your time went.  Some days that’s okay because it is what you need. But MOST days, no way.  In order to meet your goals and move forward you need to  stay on task, be focused and productive. But first you must determine, do you manage your time or does your time manage you?  Then here is a free Time Audit for you!


What is time?

Time, just like money is a fix resource.  There are only twenty-four hours in a day and this is a fact that is equally true for everyone. In the interest of your health and general well-being, a number of those hours should be allotted for sleep, some recreation, and other important health-related habits. While this still leaves quite a few hours in the day for getting things done, your time can be misdirected or squandered away if you allow it, or if you are unsure of how to best manage those hours.

The time we DO have.

Before we can talk about tips and strategies, we must first focus on the time that we DO have and how we are spending it.  If not, it is like throwing money to a millionaire who has no idea how to manage spending.  Often time, spending our time wisely is really what we need to master as opposed to hoping for more hours in the day. That’s why I created a time audit exercise just for you. Click here to get it sent right to your email! If you are already on my email list, just the resource library and download with your password!

Why strategies are important.

The strategies for getting things done need to be focused on how to best manage your daily hours for the optimum amount of motivation and productivity.  When you learn how to not waste time, and to get the most out of each hour and each day, you will get more done. Instead of feeling stressed, overworked, and overburdened, which can all lead to less than satisfactory results, you achieve real accomplishments that move you closer to your goal. 

Practice makes perfect.

Developing and practicing strategies for getting things done will not take much time or effort on your part. Some motivation, and the willingness to begin putting it into practice, is really all that you need.  Not only will you see yourself becoming more productive, you can look back on each day as one of your best. Once we get your audit down, we can discuss some strategies that will help you be more productive!

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