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Why Every Woman Entrepreneur needs an Accountability Partner

What is an accountability partner?  In layman’s term it is someone who holds someone accountable for the goals or commitments that they set for themselves and vice versa.  You share your monthly/weekly goals with your accountability partner and then check in on each other on a regular basis to see how it’s going.

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 Here are a few reasons why I believe busy women entrepreneurs need one:

  1. Helps keep each other focused
  2. They will be honest with you
  3. Have someone to bounce ideas off of
  4. They understand what you are going through


Your accountability partner will be the one who asks the hard questions and holds you to the goals that you set for yourself.  She will remind you why you want that goal and will help keep your eye on the ultimate prize.   Also to keep you focused on your time and how you spend it.   When you aren’t following the plan, she will be frank with you and give you a swift kick to get you going.


Your accountability partner will also be the one that you won’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of.  She won’t laugh at you or rain on your parade because she is in the exact same place as you.  You  both will celebrate success and encourage each other through setbacks.  My accountability partners have my back at all times and I would absolutely not achieve as much without them.  Of course I have goals and an action plan to achieve, but I am human and need some encouragement at times too.  When you know you have someone tracking your goals, you are more likely to stay on task.

Stay tuned on a future article where I write about how to find an accountability partner.  Please follow me on Facebook for more tips and inspiration.  


Find your Accountability Partner!

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