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The Fear of Creating a Vision Board

It is the time of year where people are creating their vision boards and motivated to have the best year yet.  At the same time there are many who haven’t, because of fear.  In all of the years that I’ve been facilitating vision board workshops and retreats, I’ve heard people who say that they don’t believe in them or they’re just not “their thing.”  I get that and totally respect it.  Just because it works for so many, it may not work or motivate you.  Recently though, I’ve had people share with me that they are afraid to create a vision board.  That stopped me in my tracks and really made me take a pause.  I wanted to understand why people were afraid of making a vision board.  I believe in the power of visualization, while doing the work, that I went an extra step and created vision board sheets for your planner. Access your free sheets here.  Here is a picture of my completed sheet for February.

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I’ve come to some conclusions as to why some people are afraid to create a vision board:

Reason #1 – Fear of failure

When we set a goal, we normally think that things will either work or they won’t.  If they don’t, we immediately feel like we have failed, but I want to challenge you to think about it a bit differently.  Going after a goal takes courage, but if we don’t try we will never get there.  Changing our mindset around fear will help us overcome it.   Even if we fall short, we may move one step closer to achieving or take away a lesson learned for next time.  Sometimes we get a different achievement or outcome than what we anticipated and that should be celebrated too.  Recognize the small wins and having the courage to go after the goal.

Reason #2 – Fear of Success

Sometimes when we set really big goals, but we are scared to actually achieve them.  With success there is sometimes an added responsibility to maintain, do more or lead others.  We tend to focus on the fear instead of celebrating the achievement.  When we feel like we don’t deserve success, it can be overwhelming.  Instead, challenge your mindset to one where you know you deserve the success and that you can handle what comes with it.  If you mapped out a goal and visualized it, you have already pictured yourself achieving and when it happens, embrace it.  You made a goal and achieved and it should be celebrated.

Reason #3 – Fear of Accountability

Ohhhh, we’ve put the goal on the board and now it’s real.   It means that you are putting it out there AND with that comes accountability.  That accountability can scare you as it goes back to reason #1, fear.  But it also means we have to come up with a plan and do the work with no excuses.  I’m want to challenge you to turn that accountability into motivation to get it done.  To prove to yourself that you can not only do it, but that you deserve it too.

So, if you want to make a board, DO IT even if you’re scared.  Face the fear and do it any way.  You are not alone and If you want some help, you can access my on-line course to guide you through the process.  Click here for access.

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