Goal Setting

Intentional Goal Setting

You look up goal setting and the first thing you see is that goals need to be SMART.

Specific – be very specific about the goals you want to achieve

Measurable – be able to measure success or how did we do

Actionable – is it something that we can actually do or achieve

Relevant – tie back to the bigger picture

Time-bound – When are striving to complete our goals

I absolutely agree with the above.  I just believe that there are a few more steps when it comes to achieving our goals. We have to first believe that we can achieve the goals that we set.  Our mindset in regard to setting intentional and purposeful goals will ultimately lead to us actually achieving our goals.  We can set all the goals we want, but if our mind and body are not ready to receive then we won’t.  Our goals should connect to our purpose and why.  Everything that we do should be connected to our life vision or we shouldn’t be doing it. Now, that doesn’t get you out of chores, but I think you get the picture.

For me, it is essential to listen to motivational podcasts, read or listen to books, and people that inspire me. Hearing those words plant the seed within me.  That there is nothing I can’t do if I set SMART goals intentionally.  I remember in year’s past I would set arbitrary goals over and over.  In January I would be in the gym, only to fall off the bandwagon by Valentine’s Day.  Once I linked working out to what was important to me, I became consistent.  My Mom was diagnosed with heart disease and I work out to combat the same happening to me.  I also want to maintain my health and fitness to be able to travel with my husband when we retire.  Linking those goals to my vision and purpose was the key.  It helped me and I am confident it will help you!

What if you fulfilled your dreams?

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