New Year, New Way!

Happy New Year!!  It is that time of year where everyone scrambles to set some resolutions, slap together a few goals, and vow to work out and lose weight.  Why?  Because those seem like what we should be doing.  Making those same goals each year isn’t scary and are in our comfort zone.  We don’t set the big goals or dream the big dreams, because we don’t want to set ourselves up for failure.  We don’t think we can achieve and talk ourselves out of doing something before actually considering what we can do.

This January let’s do something a little different.  Before we set any goals or break out that planner, let’s address our mindset.  I always say that before we do anything, we have to “get our minds right” first.  You can set all the goals you want, but if you’re not ready to receive them or they aren’t connected to your “why,”  then you won’t achieve.  Why?  Because you have nothing to hang onto when the times get tough and believe me there will be moments where you will want to give in and give up on your goals.

So, instead of saying things like; I don’t have time, I’m not smart enough, or who will want what I’m selling, I want you to switch it up.  If you don’t try, what will you gain?  Division teaches us that anything divided by zero is zero.  Instead, I challenge you to ask yourself, ‘What if I did.”  

Every time an idea pops up and you begin to think of reasons why you can’t/won’t/shouldn’t succeed, I want you stop and and ask yourself, what if I did?  What if you actually achieved that goal or came close to it?  What would be the outcome?  How it would make you feel?  What would it do to improve your current situation?  

My word of the year for 2019 is execute.  I spent a lot of time in 2018 planning and now is the time to trust what I’ve learned and get it done.  I am also excited to take you through the journey from inspiration to implementation.  I will inspire you to aim high, but make sure you have action plans to back those goals up.  We will work on mindset, creating real action plans, empowerment, confidence, imposter syndrome and all of the things that hold us back.  

Tune in and join me on the ride as Leslie Ann Blogs!!


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