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Why you need a Vision Board

Why you need a Vision Board

Everyone needs a vision board, even if you don’t consider yourself a visual person.  A vision board brings your goals and dreams to life.

Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises. When we begin to visualize the desired results, we begin to see achievement.  Focus on how you want your goals to make you feel and not just the things you want.  I started making vision boards because in prior years I would set New Year’s resolutions and every year by mid February I would break them all. When I began to make vision boards, I had a visual reminder of my “why,” the reason I set those goals in the first place.

What vision boards are:

  • Pictures and words that reflect your goals for a certain period of time
  • Tied to your life vision
  • What keeps you focused

What vision boards are not:

  • A magic pill to achieve your goals – throwing up some pictures on a board won’t make all your dreams and goals come true
  • A to-do list for daily actions
  • Arbitrary goals

I love teaching people how to set purposeful and intentional goals and make vision boards that work.  Click here to see some of my past clients boards.  Each workshop consists of discussions around what intentional goals are, how to establish your why, reflecting on the past year and finding your word of the year.

Most people make their vision boards in the beginning of the new year, but experts now say that we should re-evaluate our goals every 90 days.  This year I did something a little different and offered workshops after the 1st and 2nd quarters of the year.  Some people that I worked with in January exceeded all of their goals and need to update their boards or start over.  I’ve also created an on line course which can be found here.

Creating your board is a fun experience that will have you excited about your goals and working to achieve them.   I want you rocking your goals and remember to start where you are!

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Why every Business Woman needs a Vision Board

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